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The Giau Great Wall

The 5 Torri area-Averau presents many signs left by man, antique signs showing the seasonal and constant presence of human shepherd and forester and warrior . Just in relation to the contentions of pastures border the Great Wall of Giau was built in 1753,a wall of dry stones, high more than a meter and more than two kilometers long away from one another in Val Costeana . The Wall, in addition to marking the boundary between the communities of mutual Ampezzo and San Vito for the use of pastures Giau, highlights the ancient Border State between the Venetian Republic and the Austrian Empire that lasted until 1918, when, after 165 years, Cortina became Italian.

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The Andraz Castle

Andraz Castle stands on a large erratic transported to the valley during the last Ice Age, overlooking the valley . It is a strategic place for the control ofthe roads from the south (Belluno, Agordo, Caprile), from the north (Bressanone and Sonnenburg, San Martino in Badia, Valparola), from Ampezzo through the Falzarego pass. From this position it was possible to look over the Rocca Pietore which was visually connected with other fortifications (Solator in Selva di Cadore, Avoscan, etc.) allowing a full control of the road going through the area from Agordo Dolomites to arrive in Pusteria .