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With Cortina I have a very special relationship. I do not know if I can define myself native of Genoa or cortinese of adoption ; perhaps more Cortina adoption . Since 1938, for five or six years we have gone on holiday at the Hotel Argentina in Pocòl . [ … ] I went in the Andes, the Himalayas, I visited extraordinary places like Yosemite Park in the United States where there are granite mountains, but the absolute charm of the changing colors of the Dolomites during the day, from morning to sunset, when there is that unique pink, it is a unique , beautiful show, that I have never seen anywhere else . [ … ] Going to the Passo Giau there is a point where the Tofana Rozes has an impressive majesty . Then other Tofane , Monte Cristallo , Pomagagnon , that children can not pronounce and say ” Pogamagnon ” and then it is nice the Becco Ajal , the Slabs of formin, and the curious Cinque Torri.

Paolo Villaggio

cited from ” SET IN CORTINA – Il cinema e le Dolomiti scatti protagonisti racconti” made by Ludovica Damiani – Electa